Eli Le Parc is a French artist, born in Panama in 1954. Her artistic training began in 1985, in Bogota, Colombia, where she studied silk- screen printing in the atelier “Arte dos grafico”. After, she obtained a degree in Graphic Arts at the University of Panama. After her studies, she decided to become a Fashion Designer, in order to create clothes and accessories. Her first creations were strongly influenced by geometric forms.


Eli Le Parc’s work is based on three elements: Energies, Light and Sound. She calls these Elements “Sources of Inspiration”. From these three Elements are born her installations and her live performances, which enable her to have a much more direct contact with the public.


Eli Le Parc is very committed to promoting contemporary culture and art creation in Cachan, near Paris, and her adoptive home. For the last four years she has been president of the local Artists’ association “Chemins d’art”, whose role is to organize the annual event “ Les portes ouvertes”, where local artists open their ateliers to the public, and other collective exhibitions of Cachan Artists in the Orangerie, the municipal Art Gallery. Eli is interested in multiplying and enlarging the field of action of the association both in Cachan and the Paris region.


In 1986, she met the artist, Juan Le Parc, who became her companion in life and art. In Paris, they collaborated for several years, realizing performances and art interventions in public places and organizing many art events: street theatre, art actions, cultural exchanges, etc. During this period, Eli became interested in Contemporary Art, especially Performance Art. Eli and Juan also lived three years in Bali. In 1992 in France, she created her own brand of clothes and accessories, “ARTE MODA”, which were sold throughout the world. In Bali, between 2003 and2006, she created a collection of dresses and accessories for “Animal”, a leading ready to wear brand. She also created accessories for the Kenzo and Christian Lacroix Fashion Shows, during this period.


In 2008, she decided to explore new artistic forms of expression and new materials. Her Artwork today is formed by all the experiences she has accumulated in the past and by a constant need for self renewal. In order to reach this goal, she has had to explore her own inner depths, discover her deep spirituality and her own real identity. She studied 4 years at the School of Hatha Yoga, “ André van Lysebeth “, where she was particularly interested in different methods for resourcing energy. She wrote a memoir on “ Yoga in Artistic Activity” . She also researched The Yoga of Sound with Patrick Torre and Diphonic Chanting with David Hykes and Catherine Braslavsky.

She learnt meditation and concentration techniques. She studied the symbolism of chakras. From all this research, were born her performances, using Sound therapy techniques.

Eli studied the three different elements: Body, Mind, and Soul. Meditation techniques, Asanas, the Yoga of sound, Purification, are at the heart of her Artistic Work. All this has permitted her to acquire a new and more solid structure in order to develop her new artistic projects.

Preparing exhibition at the L’Orangerie Gallery, Cachan