Dream-catchers are instruments of power, used in Shamanic Healing Rituals. The Dream-catcher Concept is Central to Eli Le Parc’s Artistic research, declined with infinite variations, often used in installations in public spaces. Dream-catchers can be used to purify the soul and environment, enabling positive energies to circulate freely and capturing negative energies that disappear through the central circle with the first rays of the rising sun.

The hoop of the dream-catcher represents “The Wheel of Life”, the woven strands, the dreams that we weave, not only in Dream Time, but in our waking daily thoughts and emotions. Dream-catchers are a very common symbol in Amerindian cultures.

For Eli Le Parc, the place in the town, where the dream-catcher is to be installed, is very important and must be carefully chosen. A place that has a strong energy field is best.




Eli’s Energy Cocoons are inspired by the ancestral rites of Amerindian peoples, more precisely by the Onikaghe, the purification cabin used in the Inipi, a rite of the Lakota. This cabin contains all the powers of the universe: Earth, Water, Air and Ether. It represents, also, the womb of the cosmos and the Earth Mother. The Inipi ceremony recounts the Creation of Life.

Energy Cocoons, recreated as tents, provide a framework, which enable us to have a better vision of the meaning of Life and to be in communication with Heaven and Earth. They recreate a temple of purification and healing.

Eli created the Cocoon, after much research into Sound therapy. The Cocoon enables Eli to be reborn and share this experience with the public: the very first moments of her new life. The tent represents the Mother’s Womb. It is a Purification Space for all the experiences lived since childhood. It provides an awareness of our role on this earth, enables us to create new energies , and to reach cosmic consciousness.



The Enchantments are performances, initiation ceremonies, in which Eli creates sound vibrations that enable the public to live a sensory experience. The use of Tibetan Singing Bowls, the sound of which physically permeates those present, enables a disconnection with reality and a meditative state to be achieved in order to purify their chakras/ energy centers.

Eli discovered the Tibetan Singing Bowls in 2010, during a spiritual initiation trip to India. These bowls, made with seven different metals: gold, silver, iron, mercury, copper, lead, and tin, are at the heart of Eli’s Enchantments. Each bowl has a different sound and vibration. They are purifying recipients, that, associated with visual elements, rudraksha bead necklaces, assure protection.

The artist uses the principle of resonance, which permits vibrations to go farther, through “vibration waves” and to provoke a similar resonance in the Human Body, in other words, to trigger a frequency change. What is more, the sounds modify our brain waves and help us reach other levels of consciousness, and more receptive to self-healing.

Performance “Encantación”, L’Orangerie, Cachan.